Dr. Pounds lashes Praye says Wutah’s come back is more Solid than them

The man known as Accra’s evening mayor Dr. Pounds host of Hitz103.9fm has lashed music duo Praye heavily.   

Pounds as he is called by many in the showbiz circles said on his Hitz Gallery show yesterday (22nd June 2017) that he thinks music duo Wutah who just reunited as a group after so many years of going solo have a better come back than Praye.     

Dr. Pounds said: ‘I think Wutah’s comeback is solid than that of Praye in terms of songs. According to him ever since Praye came back they have been trying so hard to get it right with their songs but its not working’. 

Pounds even asked whether Praye's failure to get it right is due to the fact that Choirmaster AKA Praye Honeho is not part of the group. At least for Wutah they have all members back right so does it mean because Praye does not have all members in the group, they don't sound like how fans expect them to? 

 He added that Wutah’s new single ‘Bronya’ produced by Kindee is his favorite song along side other songs like Samini’s My Own, transformer by Strongman, just to mention a few and that ever since Wutah’s reunion they seem to have a grip on good and hit songs.  

Is Dr. Pounds right? Is music group Wutah’s come back solid than Praye?    

My opinion – yes I agree with the evening mayor. Praye has released a couple of songs but the impact both on traditional and digital media is not as solid as compared to Wutah who just released ‘AK47’ and ‘Bronya’.     

You can listen to Dr. Pounds on Hitz Gallery every Weeknight at 7pm to 10pm on Hitz 103.9fm.

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